Eligibility: Anyone over 18 years old can participate - individuals, teams and organizations. There are no limits on team size.

Submission Requirements: We couldn't possibly fathom the solutions you'll come up with, so we're keeping a very open mind with whatever you create. It could be a new piece of technology, a software solution, a better process, or some combination. There are virtually no rules as to the nature of the solution you submit. We will consider both fully-functional solutions and not-yet-fully-functional solutions. You must be willing to demo the event to the judges at the conculsion of the event.

Submission Rights & Display: You keep any and all intellectual property you bring or build for this challenge. We also ask that winners allow us to use their names in marketing and press about the event.

Prizes & Winner Selection: Winners will be picked by a panel of judges and prize bundles will be awarded at their discretion.

New vs. Existing: Both brand new and existing solutions are eligible.

Multiple Submissions: Contestants can submit more than one solution. 

Code of Conduct: We promise to create a safe environment for you. We address every code of conduct violation regardless of severity (severity, after all, is subjective) and we do so in a respectful way to all parties using a transparent process. Please read our Code of Conduct here: https://hackcodeofconduct.org/896-agco_accelerator_hackathon.